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Online Quran Reading

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Basic Quran Reading curses

Quran Reading Online


Core course Of Reading and Learning Holy Quran with Proper, Tauz, Tasmia & Tajweed, the student who are unable to identify certain word and pronounce them are thought they way of identification and pronunciation with Tajweed and accent, Moreover basic Islamic education LIke Duas, Prayer, Six Kalimas, Basic Qaida, Quran Tafseer & Quran Tajweed.

Quran Reading is Easy Now

This course is designed for the those personal who have dificulty with pronouncing Arabic language, the students who have registered for the services will gain perfection, the skill and the command on the subject will be tought by our certified profectional teachers, we will provide you Qaida reading skill, pronounciation, and recitation of the Holy Quran.

Online Quran Reading with Tajweed rules. - (100%)
Learning of Noorani Qaida - (100%)
Basic Islamic Studies like Prayer, 6 Kalemas etc.. - (100%)
correct Pronunciation of Arabic Letter - (100%)
Understanding of Makharijs - (100%)
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